Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Fun Party in a Box!

I love a fun party, with great decorations, themes, good food, and family and friends! These photos are from my sister-in-laws baby shower that I helped host with my other sister-in-laws. I had so much fun coming up with the centerpiece ideas, colors and themes, menu plan, and other fun ideas. So, I started thinking recently, that I also want to market my "Fun Party in a Box"! With this I can help a party host, hosting a party of anykind, come up with a special theme and send them all the decorations that can make a fun party happen! The box will have special, hand crafted creations, and coordinated party supplies, the host can throw a unique soiree that is coordinated to their specific needs and ideas without having to do the work!
The cake was done by my mom, who is also very talented when it comes to throwing a party! She is known by family and friends for her, not only beautiful, but delicious cakes! She has some awesome creations of her own!