Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a 2nd birthday Shark Theme!

Wow, another year has passed, my baby turned 2!  This year I wanted to do something simple and fun, it kind of snuck up on me and my budget for extras like party supplies was limited.  So, I did my best with what I had and kept my budget in check!  I was quite happy with the outcome...and so was he!  He has an August birthday, in Michigan it makes for a great sunny month.  It was also near shark week and this year the boys swim gear was sharks, so I knew that this would work great!  Sharks!

I started by collecting inspiration from my favorite place, pinterest, and other blogs and websites.  I created an inspiration board packed full of great ideas!

Next I created a couple of idea boards that were meant to show how I wanted to display my decor and food at my buffet in an elevation view and a floor plan view of the party table the kids were going to be sitting at.  This made it so simple to set up the day before, even with kids around!  They couldn't distract my thoughts and slow me down, it was already thought out!

I also put together a full plan that helped me know about how much I was about to spend shopping for the final details I didn't have on hand.  This was an AWESOME tool!  I finalized the menu and decor ideas, made a list, added budget numbers and viola!  A plan was born....!

Last party detail the invitation!  I had a cute photo of him in his life jacket having fun in the sun!

When it came time to pull it together I was attempting a couple of new techniques and learned a few things in the process but I enjoyed trying to create some super cute party ideas!

I will share the final party details...stay tuned!

Mommy loves you Ju-Ju-Bee!  Happy, happy, birthday! ~XO