Monday, August 26, 2013

a little sprinkle of eye candy...

Well, I've decided to try this blog thing again! I have been busy working on projects, blog ideas, business plans, homeschool planning + just taking care of my sweet family being mom.  I have been at home now a few months, the tides have changed and I have been blessed with an opportunity to focus less on design and more on celebrations!  And I am so excited for whatever this universe brings me next.  I know that whatever it is, it will be full of beauty in so many ways.  Beautiful details, celebrations that celebrate beautiful people, + lots and lots of beautiful color, my favorite eye candy! 

I am excited to launch an online shop, share some party inspiration and introduce you to many local vendors who can also inspire + help you plan your next life celebration!

I know how important it is to show your work so that people, well, understand exactly what it is you do!  I am asked all the time what it is I do, and really, I feel I can wear so many hats, the options and services ac's can provide are almost endless when you think creatively.  To start to share more of what it is we can do I have put together a few photo collages.  These are just simple photos taken with my iphone of recent work to help give you a little visual sprinkling of what we do.   The plan is to share the professional photos taken and feature each one of these lovely events that ac's was so grateful to play a special role in. 

Thanks for visiting,