Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I finally did it! I have been wanting to do this for so long now. I have all of these ideas just floating around in my head and I try to always get them down on paper for later! There are notebooks and loose paper all over our house with lists, plans, ideas, sketches, in absolutely no order! My plan is to start a small business that will allow me to release the creative energies that are constant in my mind. I always look at things and think, I can do that! Now it is time for me to just do it and share it with as many people as I can. I love to create things with paper, scrapbooking is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. I have recently done a few wedding invitations for friends and have a few in the works, that is my new hobby! I am an interior designer by day and a "paper monster" by night! Paper crafting is like interior design to me, in the way that paper can be like paint swatches and fabric memos! It is so much fun to create a pallette with color and pattern while preserving our most precious memories when scrapbooking!!! I have also started to do floral design, I did this in college and recently met another designer who started her own small business doing wedding flowers. I helped her out doing a few weddings, and now that she has moved away, I am now pursuing this on my own! Another great creative outlet, and it is something that brides want on their big day, to make a statement and tell a story. Also, the invitations can do this as well, the invitations set the initial tone of their day, it is the first thing their guests see!

I recently became a mom! What an amazing adventure it has been! Our son is the light of my life! I absolutely adore everything about him! He makes me want to create more, and more, and more! I want to scrapbook for him, so that as he grows up he can look back at all of the great memories our family has shared and see all of the great things he has accomplished! And there are always little things that I want to make for him, and plan for him, so as time goes, I will share those things with everyone as well!

I also LOVE to throw a party, any kind of party or gathering! And I love to add little special touches, that some people may not even notice, but in my eyes, and I know others enjoy it as well, they make me happy! ....I have ideas for this as well!!!

I struggled with a name for my business, I originally wanted to call it 'Paper Monster', because that it is a very appropriate name for me, as my grandparents started calling me that when I was a little girl, and well, it stuck! Today, I am still a "paper monster". But....with great thought, it didn't cover the ground of all the things that I wanted to do, so I ended up with "annette's creations" which helped to cover my bases!

I am so excited to work on this blog and share my thoughts and ideas with everyone that I can touch!

Happy thoughts!

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